HUGE SAVINGS STARTS TODAY - GPX 5000 & SDC 2300 - $7495.00

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Hello All,

Just received a new Promo staring today (Nov. 10th) allowing us to bundle the new Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector with the Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector for $7495.00. This is a huge savings of over $2,050.00. This promo will run until Dec. 31st 2014. We have both units in stock and ready to take any orders on this exciting new bundle from Minelab America's.

No other promos, specials or bundle packages can be combined with this one time, huge savings!

Call us for more details on this offer.

Rob's Detector Sales

623.362.1459 office

602.909.9008 cell or text message

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Hey All,

Ya, pretty sweet deal if you think about and Steve H. hit it on the head. If two guys went it together they would save a huge amount. One guy could walk with the SDC 2300 at a great discounted price and the other with a GPX 5000. I've already had one guy purchase this bundle and he said he's going to relist it for sale ..... ok :blink:

The normal Pro-Pack for the GPX 5000 is selling for $5995.00, so you're getting a great bargain. Not sure how long this bundle will run, but if anyone had the funds, this is the time to buy.

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You will never see a armor truck in funeral procession. Now that tells you your not going to take it with you. I've said I want it to be a sad day for everyone when I go.

If this deal was on when I got my SDC 2300 I would of had a friend that wants the 5000 to go in with me. The trouble now that's what you call history. To get a hot smoking out in space deal like this I'd picked a person off the street to go in with me.

Just remember you only pass this way but one time.

Chuck Anders

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