5 babies today

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Hey all:
Went out today with dad to enjoy this awesome weather were having and do some detecting.

Went up to Wades Sunbaker patch and hit that wash....nothing doing there.

So, went over to another wash and got 3 dinks in a row..then another dink..then another dink.

Did a lot of scraping and detecting and that's how I was able to get a couple of them.

The one pic with the green string in it was the smallest nug, and I couldn't believe it..it was 4 inches deep.

It was a really faint signal at first. I was surprised the 5000 picked it up.

Hit another wash on the way out and cleaned it up from old crap from way back. :)
Great day out and the good Lord blessed us with some yeller stuff :)
Also found a very odd BB. Looks like a big one with a really small one stuck to it. Its steel

1 gram total in gold.

Tom H.



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Fine gold....all the time.. I've tried other setting in the area im in and its so hot that Fine gold works the best.

Gain is 9....Stabilizer 8....Everything else is set to fit your hearing. Coil is a Coiltek 9x14. Have to use the heel of it for the most sensitivity when im trying to find the small stuff. Gets a little frustrating but I will chase it till I get it :)

Have to go over spots a lot in different directions to make sure I have a repeatable signal or not...plus a good scrape with the boot to remove hot rocks helps. :)

Its best if you do pop a nugget in the area your in to try different settings and see what works for you.

Good luck to you!
Tom H.

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