4 Day Hunt with Lunk and Partner in Arizona

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Hello All,

Just arrived back from a long 4 day prospecting trip with some great friends. My partner and I met up with Keith "Lunk" out in Western Arizona to hit some old and new ground. I'm not sure I put as many miles on my quad and hours on both my SDC and GPX in a long time. Back home now I'm beat, sore, chapped lips and sunburned.

Lunk and I both have similar nugget hunting styles, so we both were on the same page when it comes to locating and hunting potential nugget areas. This trip was pretty rewarding with over 40 nuggets for the crew before we left. I ended up with 21 nuggets displayed on my Minelab SDC 2300. Nothing real big, just over 4 Dwt's worth of gold.

My partner, Lunk and I have plans to hit some other ground in the very near future.

Not sure why it took so long for Lunk and I to get together, but we both agreed it was long overdue and now it's time to make up some time on the goldfields!!

Hope you enjoyed. It's still out there ....

Picture 1 - Lunk, myself and partner last day (we looked burned out)

Picture 2 - The Gold Nuggets I found using my SDC 2300 and GPX 5000 (21 total)



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Heck Yah!

Got together with a couple of buds...found some gold..beat yourself up... Don't get much better than that! :)

WTG you guys.

Nice nugs and it sounds like a good time.

Tom H.

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Hey Lunk,

Nice collection of gold. I think we had around 40+ nuggets from the trip then, as I had 19 when I left. I couldn't get that 20 mark, as much as I tried. Took a good friend and new customer out today on an exploration run. I ended up pounding out 21 nuggets, he got 5 and Dennis got a couple. This customer will be setting up at Quartzsite for the winter with his three detectors (GPX 5000, SDC 2300 and CTX 3030). I plan on visiting him a few times for sure, so hopefully we all can get together for a hunt or two.

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