Seeking detector basin in January

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Hi Everyone

New to the site and could really use some help!!! I'm coming down from Canada in early January and would love to find someone to detect with in Gold Basin or anywhere for that matter. Swinging a GPX 5000. Here is my dilemma....I have friends who have no interest in detecting......Yah..I know...Blasphemy. Right? I'm seeking someone interested in day trips for the week that I'm there. I'll be staying in Vegas and day tripping from there. Is there any kind souls out there that would like to help out a newbie? Where I live(Victoria B.C.) there are areas to pan and detect, lots of claims and some nice gold has been found, however, its tough slugging a coil through the rain forest. lol

I've had my detector for 11/2 years and have yet to find a nugget.... :( That being said, I'd love to check out the basin with someone who's worked the land and can guide me to my first nugget. Being a nugget virgin is depressing!!! I'd like to cut down the learning curve as well, hopefully with someone who has a claim and doesn't mind me tagging along working it with them or someone who goes on public lands. A set of coordinates ? I'll be driving down and would love to be able to share expenses, so if anyone wants to come with me from points north they are most welcome to join me. Staying in a 2 bedroom condo on the strip. I hope this finds the right person.

Cheers Rick

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Hey Rick,

Welcome to the forums. I guess Diamondback Dave is referring to no one can help you here .... LOL

That being said, there are a number of guys that patrol this and other gold prospecting/metal detecting forums that are local of that area. If it wasn't such a long haul for me, I might be able to help. I'm sure someone will chime in here and post some helpful info or send you a PM.

Wishing you much success on your trip to Gold Basin. You have the best detector and going to a proven goldfield, so hopefully you have some great luck.

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Hi guys

Thanks for the reply! Found a chum to go with me but still looking for some tips or people interested in going out.Any help appreciated and have a great new year. Thanks Dave and rob for chiming in. Ill be there 18th to 25 of jan....if you change your mind rob. Still want to pick up a coil while im down there. Ill get in touch with you.

hope more people chime in. Cheers

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