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Hey all:
Welp, went out yesterday solo. Dads recovering from 3 days of cooking and baking :)
Hit a old area and explored some new ones. The geology in the new ones looks really good for nuggets.
Will be detecting those areas in the next few weeks.

Well after digging/scraping and moving 385 hot rocks, I managed to get a little yellow :)
Anyone know what kind of gourds these are?

Great day out, fantastic weather and the good Lord blessed me with a little yellow!
Tom H.



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I worked for that little guy :)

Sure was nice to have it turn up in the spoon about half way through the day.
I was about 250 miles from Tucson......N. E. S. W..cant remember which direction :)

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Either coyote or buffalo gourds. It tastes like chicken...but you see double after eating it :)
Tom H.

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Good to find gold any size I reckon. We have melons like that here in places too. I once was stupid enough to think "wow, mini water melons, cool" so I tried one. Bitter as, glad I didn't swallow any. I don't think even any of our wildlife are stupid enough to eat them, never seen one with a bite mark in it. Except for the one I tried. :lol:

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