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Its been a while since I was on the forum, well my latest effort is to have my GP3500 modified. I had it done by Minelab Mods

Ismael Jones in Western Australia. I couldn't be more pleased, I was detecting an hour after having it returned and within half an hour I dug a nice small 1 gram nugget. The area I found the nugget is on the main path to the diggings where hundreds of detectorists have swung their detectors . The area is heavily mineralised and by using the newly installed smooth mode I was able to hear this faint signal.I was using a Nuggett Finder Sadie Coil and the nugget was about 6inches down. The whole area has been heavily flogged and to even get a signal in this area is amazing. I would like to hear from other detectorists who have had their machines done. I am happy that's for sure.

cheers Neilo

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Here is a quick copy of a letter that has all his info. 5 star in my book. AUD is down so it is c super cheap now.



Hi Ismael,

I talked with you a couple of years back and I know you have been in and out of the mod biz.

Rob Allison told me he trusted you so I wanted to know if you are modding?


Ephesians 6:10-20--Armor on!

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

Ismael Jones

to me

Mar 16, 2014Details

Hi Paul, yes I am still modding, I never really went out of modding just I was doing another business for a couple of years and pointed out that there could be delays when modding due to other commitments. If you want the 3500 modded that is not a problem. The cost is AUD$280 plus postage (EMS around AUD$90). Attached is the mod instructions so you can see what is done.


Ismael Jones

Perth, Western Australia

Tel: +61 8 9452 2992

Mob: 0417 947 764



GP3500 Modification Instructions ngm.pdf

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