Little bit of Copper and Gold Nuggets from Arizona

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Hello All,

   In Central Arizona many of the known goldfields carry copper, silver and gold.  It's not uncommon to find all three metals in one area or wash.  I have on hundreds of occasions found copper and gold in the same wash.  Many times you will find a zone, which can be a series of washes and tributaries that carry a combination of the metals.  Like most of us, we would prefer more gold than the other two, but majority of the time it's a handful of copper nuggets to a few gold nuggets.  In some areas you will also find Galena, or lead nuggets.  

Here is a shot of some copper and gold found in the same wash during a days hunt in Central Arizona with a metal detector. 



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Couldnt agree with you more Rob. Ive found a couple of 1 grammers in with about 50 copper nugs.

The copper is a reverse signal...but you never know :)
These are about 1" dia. I cleaned them in muratic acid and then sprayed them with clear laquer so they wouldnt go brown again.

They have a cool structure to them when you clean them up.

Tom H.




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52 minutes ago, Cowkiller said:

Rob and Tom I like finding any natural metal. The coppers are pretty cool and Tom yours looks awesome cleaned like that. I just might have to do that to a few of mine! Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing guys! 

If you do soak them in acid, do another soak in baking soda/water to kill the acid...then blow them dry and spray them :)
Tom H.


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