New - Minelab GPX Small Battery with Control Box Cover and Pouch

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Hello All,

   We just got a small batch of this new Minelab item in.  $162.00 plus shipping.


This is the lightweight, Minelab GPX series battery that can be mounted to the side of your metal detector with the control box cover with pouch attached.  This will allow the user to eliminate a backpack or harness and lay down the detector with ease.

The battery is 1/2 the size of the normal GPX stock battery.  This battery is 7.4v and 18.6Wh.  The battery will last approx. 3 hours and is 46% lighter than the standard li-ion stock battery.

Battery slot on the pouch can be adjusted to hold the stock, larger battery also.

5 Pin Power cord is not included.

We also have just the battery by itself if needed for $147.00.  


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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh sure!!!! Now that I've sold my Pro-Sonic system :wacko:

I'll probably still get one.... Been waiting for them to get here...

PS: Rob, thanks again for the hipstick, I should have bought one years ago.


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Hey Jen,

   Ya, they are really nice.  I'm surprised something like this wasn't released from Minelab 10 years ago ..... :wacko:

What most don't know by the picture is you can use either the small battery included in the kit, or the original stock GPX battery.  Both batteries can be used on this control box cover. 

You're welcome on the Hipstick!

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