Gold Nuggets with Hole(s) in them - Great Character

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Hey Guys,

    Just browsing some pictures and I know I posted this one years ago I believe.  It was a nugget I felt was pretty interesting as it has several holes through it.  You can see the large hole, then there is a smaller one.  This piece was found back in 2003, so I'm not sure what Minelab I was using then.  I can still remember finding it, as it gave a "trashy iron" signal response, which I believe is due to the character of the gold nugget.  The piece is flat, several holes and non-typical shape overall. 

Just one example you might have heard me say, don't but too much faint in target responses - this is gold, that is not gold! 

The weight was right at one Troy ounce.  

Hope you enjoyed.  Would love to see any unique looking nuggets with or without holes if you're willing to share. Nuggetwithhole1.thumb.jpg.3bbc0625a0cc089626d5d5025c516208.jpg

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Is that the same nugget from the old forums with a hole in it you used as your avatar?

Here's one I found with a tiny pinhole in it at the top. Looking through my collection it's the only one I got with a hole in it.

Weight is 4.46 grams. Didn't find the coin detecting (I wish), bought that one.


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