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I joined AMRA.  Not only has this organization been granted a NOT FOR PROFIT status by the IRS, they are leading the fight to protect our mining rights.

Because they are NOT FOR PROFIT your annual donation is tax deductible.

In fact they are one of the only associations who are actually out there on the front lines fighting the good fight against heavy handed bureaucracy that infringe on our rights.  Can you imagine rangers telling a miner he can't even mine on his own claim that he paid fees on?  It has happened, and AMRA has gone to court to stop this kind of non-sense.

Not only that, but joining AMRA gives you the right to prospect on their growing list of some pretty impressive claims.

And as an added feature, they even allow crazy people like me to join!



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Hey Doc,

   AMRA's a great organization for us miners/prospectors.  We have to keep up the fight to protect our rights to prospect and mine.  Hopefully with Trump in office, some of the EPA and other regulations will drop off.  

Would love to see dredgers back in the water here in the US.

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