Got 4 Gold Nuggets Thursday - Back in the Swing

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After having some pretty extensive surgery on my elbow December 30th, I have not really been able to swing much.  They cut off the head of the radial bone and re-positioned the ulnar nerve.  Re-positioning the nerve was no big deal, but cutting off the joint end of the bone, argh.  That means I only have 1 bone connected in my right arm from my elbow to my wrist.  Takes a while to build your strength up.   But I'm about 90%.

Tried swinging the 19 inch coil for a while, but my arm is just not quite ready for that.

I went out Thursday May 18, because they are predicting that to be one of the last cool days we are going to have in a while.  The day was gorgeous.  65 degrees, sunny, lite breeze.  Lizards everywhere.  Got a corn flake ad three more dinks.

Got 4 off of the sides of a ridge in a gully where I had gotten 8 or 9 nuggets before.  Fun day.  I will be posting videos on You-Tube, let you know when they are up.




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 WTG on those nugs! :)

Last week was really good for detecting...unfortunately...the heat is coming in. :(

You are swinging with a bungy? I do. Helps a lot.
Tom H.


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On 5/25/2017 at 8:29 AM, Uncle Ron said:

Heck, Mike, I can barely walk from the house to my truck...for anyone considering it, Laser Spine Institute sucks big green dog bananas!!!! $100K for nothing!  ...Cheers, Unc


Damn that's scary.  I've been thinking about getting my Sacro Illiac joint fused. I can't lift anything over 15 pounds it puts that joint out of place.  Going up and down ridges. really gets painful.  Hope you feel better Uncle Ron.


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