Short trip with the SDC 2300

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Since the forums have been slow thought I would post some dinks from yesterdays really short hunt with the sdc-I havent been out in a long time so I got out to a very pounded patch in the desert about 9am and it was already very warm-saddled up and within the first 5 minutes I had my first and biggest one 2.2 grains-only down about 1-2 inches-about 2 hours later I had 3 more all down about 3 inches :P-bugs flying up my nose and in my eyes didnt make it any better as it was heating up fast--smallest one weighed in at .8 of a grain-total weight was 5.6 grains :huh: These are dinks that were missed hundreds of times by me and other detectorist with many different beepers :mellow: so credit goes to the sdc-its going to take 100s of these size dinks to pay for it :blink: good thing its only a hobby for me -oh well still having fun with it sure wish they would offer a bigger coil for it B)-Total beepin time was 2.34 hours so thats about little over 2 grains an hour:(-I think Ill keep my day job ;) Mike C...:ph34r:


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NICE Mike! :)

   Thats SDC will really sniff out the small stuff. Ive seen it in action with a guy I hunt with.

Glad you got out. Yah, its getting warm....BLAH!!!
Tom H.


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