GOLDMONSTER 1st walk=1st blood from a newbee

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Well I got the GM from Rob-put it together-very easy ;) I bought this for my wife who has never found any gold with anything-she had tried the 2300 but it was a little to heavy for her so I thought we would try the GM being its liteweight and beginner friendly :P So I take her to a place where Id found gold before-I turned it on and took it through its paces just to get aquainted with it and it didnt bite me :o my schooling for her was to find a good target and let her hear it -show her how to pinpoint it and then capture it from the dirt-so we dig a few targets good and bad just to test the accuracy of the meter but none were gold -_--and it was dead on-so after that she wanted to take it for a spin by herself and within 5-10 minutes she had her first target:) she calls me over and I rechecked it with the GM meter said good so I scrape off some dirt target still there and reading good the next scrape and target was out of the hole-I had forgot to bring my scoop and my gold container and I was way up on a hill :unsure: well after a little effort sifting through the dirt and dropping it on the coil one pinch at a time we hear a ping  target was now on the coil moved the dirt around a little and there it was her first nugget :wub: it was very small and I knew it was under a grain but wouldnt know for sure untill we got home which weighed in at 4/10ths of a Grain found at 1-2 inches in the ground-I ran my 2300 over it and not even a peep :blink: GM heard it loud and clear at 1-2 inches in the ground-We were using the 5 inch coil machine set at auto sensitivity plus and set at shallow-it ran real smooth over hot rocks and hot ground-next time out we'll try the other coil-I would like to get some more time on the gold monster but I think my wife is hooked now :mellow: This is a super sensiitive machine and will give any VLF a run and yes even a GB2 the only difference is the GM will work in ground the others struggle in :o More to come along with my thoughts on the pro's and cons-Mike C...:ph34r:


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Hey Mike,

   Excellent first report on the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 from you and your Wife.  I haven't been out with one yet, so hoping to get more feedback from the first guys in the field with it.  Keep us posted on the Pro's/Con's of the new Gold Monster 1000.  

Congrats on the first nugget find with it.  Interesting the SDC 2300 didn't hear it.  :ph34r:

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Ya Rob I was surprised to that the 2300 wouldnt even peep on it I was even scraping on it but the GM hit good on it :blink: I was running the sdc at 4 sen and 3 Thold-junped it up to 5 sen and still nothing-The smallest nugget I found so far with the sdc is 8/10th's of a grain-it probably has to do with the composition of the nugget :huh: Dont know-Thanks Mike C...:ph34r: PS-I was running the auto controls which are factory presets which are dumbed up but work well-But I know the GM is much hotter if you run it outside the presets 

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