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So on Father's day my 5 year old Grandson, Rhett and I panned some dirt I had brought back from the desert  I have 10 gallons worth but we just worked with a small quantity so I could teach him some of the skills of panning.  This dirt may or may not have had some help with gold content from Grandpa, I'm not admitting to anything.

But dang if we didn't find some more gold that I had never seen before.  Grandpa, there's one.  Grandpa, there's another one.  Grandpa, man we got a lot of gold in here, this is good pay dirt.  I said, "Rhett what do you know about "pay dirt"?"  He said he heard them talking about pay dirt on Gold Rush.  "It's the good dirt that is close to bedrock that has a lot of gravel in it and gold."  He actually said that.  This kid is smart.  All he wants is books on insects, animals, reptiles, rocks and minerals.  You ask him what kind of bug that is on a leaf, and he will spit out chapter and verse, their life span, what the larva looks like, what they eat, what eats them.  The kid is like a walking encyclopedia.  Makes me feel stupid.

So I showed how how to use the snuffer bottle, and transfer the gold into the little clear plastic viles.  What a neat little guy.  I am certainly blessed, and we had a blast just sharing time together playing in the dirt.  I think there are two times you learn what life is about.  One is when you have your own children, and the second is when you have grandchildren.  It just doesn't get any better.

So this is Rhett in his own backyard.  He has convinced his little sister that there is Gold in their backyard if they just can dig down to bed rock.  Look at the hole they have dug to the left of the blue table in the shade.  Now that hole is 4 foot deep.  So he set up this blue play table and they put the dirt in there and then wash it with the hose to try and find gold.  (He says that's his sluice box.)  Cracks me up.  They have created a river in their river in the back yard.  Fortunately my daughter-in-law would much rather have the kids playing outside than sitting in front of the television unless it's Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.



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