Latest GPZ 7000 Firmware Update June/July 2017

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Hello All,

   Minelab just released a new GPZ 7000 Firmware update.  The major feature of this new firmware update is "Ground Smoothing."  This function implements selectable noise filters that help deal with difficult ground, especially salty soils.  The new Ground Smoothing options provide several advantages:

  • Reduce noise effects of salty soils
  • Allows detecting in previously "off limits" locations
  • Improved depth with both coils
  • Maximizes your ground coverage efficiency 

There are three options under Ground Smoothing, OFF (originally on the GPZ), Locate Patch and Salty Soil. 

The New "Locate Patch" option is great all-rounder that enables you to cover more ground.  Its smooths out unwanted noise while you keep a productive swing speed.

The New "Salty Soil" option allows you to operate in previously off-limits salty (extreme alkali and conductive) environments.  It should only be used when the soil requires it, because it can have an impact on detection depth. 

The other new feature is "Semi Auto" Ground balance mode.  

  • Additional control and flexibility for expert users
  • Improved ground balance stability
  • Another option to deal with tricky detecting conditions
  • A specialist tool for expert prospectors

This new option has three features - Auto, Semi-Auto and Manual.  

You can read more about the firmware update and how to download it on the attached PDF file below-


If you have questions, you can always call us anytime! 

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Hello Guys,

   I completed the firmware update and it took about 5 minutes at the most.  I've had a few customer call and get stumped after the download.  Just a FYI, you have to unplug the USB cord from the GPZ to start the download process.  Here are the stepped I done to complete the firmware quickly -

  • Download the latest firmware version from Minelab's page here -
  • I downloaded (not opened) the firmware version onto my Desktop.
  • Once you plug the USB into the GPZ and your computer or laptop, you should see the drive open.  If not, you can use "My Computer" to view all the drives on a Window's PC.  
  • Once you located the Minelab drive, mine was the F drive, then you can "drag" the downloaded file from the desktop to the Minelab drive.  You will see the GB file size go from like 79GB or so to like 84+ GB.  You will know the file was added.  
  • Then, this is where some customers got confused, remove the USB cord from the GPZ and the download will start.  You will see what it shows in Picture 1 below.  
  • Once the download is complete on the GPZ, it will ask you to confirm the update, with either "CANCEL or the CHECK MARK."  Press the Check mark button on the GPZ and it will start the firmware on the GPZ.  
  • Once completed, the GPZ 7000 will shut off.  Once you turn it back on, the firmware will be complete and you can verify you have this version on the last menu page - Control Panel: 1.10.8-2052 and Control Box: 2.4.4-127

Hope this helps a bit.  Check out the picture below if needed.  Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have questions completing the download. 





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To do this update, you either hijacked the wife's sewing room, the daughters bedroom or you have a very colourful/playful office :D

Update installed, no hickups, went smooth, looks great.

Thanks for the info Rob.... 


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Hey Jen,

   I had a feeling someone would comment. :D  It's actually a table we have set up so my Daughter can do all her crafts.  The table is destroyed from Play-Doh, Glue, Slime and other stuff my Daughter had made over the years.  

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59 minutes ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Jen,

   I had a feeling someone would comment. :D  It's actually a table we have set up so my Daughter can do all her crafts.  The table is destroyed from Play-Doh, Glue, Slime and other stuff my Daughter had made over the years.  

Uh huh ;)

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  • 1 month later...

I'm gonna finally get around to upgrading today. Hopefully in a couple weeks the weather will improve a little and I can get out and detect.

I'm not really interested in adding anymore filters as it is so I'll probably not mess with the "Locate Patch" option as most of the ground where I hunt isn't that hot anyways.

The Semi-Auto ground balancing sounds interesting tho. I always ground balance if I'm in a new area with the Quik-Track button and iron ferrite ring but apparently it's just an option if you're running in Auto ground balance like I've always done. Apparently the GPZ will just balance on it's own after 10-15 seconds of turning on. I heard it stabilizes even better after about 30 minutes of detecting. With the Semi-Auto setting balancing with the Quik-Track button and the ferrite ring is necessary according to Minicab's instructions. Always learning new things about this machine. Seems simple at first but you can get pretty deep in some of the settings if you choose.

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