One opening available for AKAU Gold in Nome

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Route 66 Gold Miners in Brea has one opening at AKAU gold in Nome for a week from July 21st to the 28th. We had a cancelation partly paid for so the total cost for your stay is $1,000 payable to AKAU in AK upon arrival and your plane fare. Route 66 is picking up $200 of the remaining $1200 due to fill the slot. Short notice but a heck of a deal. less than 1/2 price. Rob, sorry I didn't know where to put this please forgive me if its in the wrong place. Since time is short if interested call Roger @ 213 434-2500.

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Even those with just VLF in most cases at least paid for their trip in years past. Add pulse and it gets really good, a genuine chance for a nugget over an Oz. Keep in mind its never dark, you can swing a coil 24 hrs a day. They also have high bankers and a big slick plate common operation if you don't want to detect,

The owners are also good friends of the Pomerankies so you should have some time for a meet and greet on the Christine Rose barge just down the road.

I don't know how many acres they have at this time for sure they are just inland from 3 Sweeds and Wyatt Urp's claim. One thing I didn't mention is that there should be quads available for rent as well, there were as of last week.  

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It looks like you folks from Route 66 had a great time. Post some photos!!


There are some big nuggets up there. The Anvil fault runs right through the AKAU camp about where the spring pipe comes out of the ground from just West of King Mountain. Good times there.





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