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Went out for a few hours Thursday night. No gold but found a mean tarantula. Later I am in a thick wash  and I lean in to investigate a signal and a palo verde tree gets me right in the eye. I hurt a little but didn't detour me. After a while I actually forgot about it. I get home aroun 3 am shower and head to bed. Kid get me up a 7 and I was dang my head/eye hurts. I get migraines that hurt my eye that got stabbed and thought nothing out of the normal. When my wife sees it she freaks. Anyways this happened years ago and I wore safety glasses for a long time but eventually broke the habit. Time to start again. Am I the only one that seems to have this problem at night?


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Mister Killer, although they might be a pain it probably would be an advantage for you to use some light clear goggles while hunting nights.  I never did hunt at night but I used to go through the woods before dawn to get to the trout stream and caught a few in my eyes.  Eyes are an remarkable organ, They can take a beating and heal real fast.  The worst experience I had with my eyes is when I contracted Shingles of the head.  My right eye is permentally weak because of it. Boy that was a real mess and extremely painful.  Take care of those peepers Bro, they have to last a lifetime.  :rolleyes:

   Old Tom

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Dern....thats got to smarts! I can "see" something like this happening at night with just a beam of light.




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OT I know shingles are bad but I can't imagine having it on my face. I saw it bring a grown man to his knees.

Thanks Rob I hope for a handful next time too. I didn't go blurry that would have been scary. 

Tom you don't see it happen lol On dark nights you can't see anything out side of your torch even a few inches apparently. I just need to be more careful and wear glasses.

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It's tough to wear glasses at night.  I'm usually more worried about walking through the spider webs or stepping on snakes that you don't happen to light up with your torch.  But you may have me thinking more closely about the glasses thing.


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