10 KG nugget found in Russia

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56 minutes ago, roadapple said:

This must be why the Dumper Trumpster is so friendly with his buddy Putin !!!!! LoL:wub:

With all due respect, can we please keep the President bashing and politics off the forum, we come here for fun, not to hear you bash a person many of us voted for, thank you.


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  • Admin

Hey Jen,

   Wow, that is one huge find.  Not much to look at as far as character, but 10 Kilo's of gold is one heck of a paycheck!  I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of $320,000 just in spot value.  

As for the President, we all have our personal views.  I agree, we should keep them off the forums, but he has made me over $XX,XXX in high tech stock in the last 6 months! ;)

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