T-Bone's Large Gold Nugget Story by Arizona Al

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Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful story. When good detector operators consistently come up with gold, it seems like "of course, you get a metal detector and go out and find gold." However, as most of us know, it is not  that way at all. It takes a big commitment of time given to learning the detector, to learning how to do real research and most of all, time and patience for learning yourself. One of the hidden aspects of success is attitude. It's something you either have or you don't. It seems pretty clear T-Bone had that quality front and center. 

Anyway thank you again.

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Hey FlakMagnet,

I'm glad that Rob posted the article so it can be preserved in the records of the forum as an inspiration to anyone that might have self doubts, or question the possibilities that are open to the modern day electronic gold prospector. At first glance, it might appear to be a story about a lucky nugget hunter who just went out and happened to make a great find. But the back story, as related in the older posts of this forum and the numerous magazine articles, stories and personal testimonies relating to T-Bone's nugget hunting success, reveals, as you suggested, total dedication and commitment. And he perfected his craft, not only through the use of a VLF metal detector, but because of his willingness to actually mine the overburden when necessary. Pick, shovel and rake. In the finest tradition of the old school Arizona nugget hunters.


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