Gpz 19 dinks

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I finally broke in my gpz 19. I bought it almost a year ago and only used it a couple times. I took it out last night and was impressed. The bigger nugget is .45 grams and was about 7 inches deep. The smaller piece is .14 grams and was under a bush on exposed bedrock. It surprised me to find such a small piece. So now it is time for a big deep one. But at this rate I need 30 more years and 500 more nuggets just to cover the coil cost! Ha

Here is what I used for settings:

general, normal, sensitivity 7, audio smoothing off, threshold 5.




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Nice Justin! Glad your getting out more. Finding gold also :)

That rock next to the gold reminds me of a Rib eye steak.

Now im hungry..

Tom H.


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Hey Cowkiller Andy,

   I'm thinking the best spot for that 19" GPZ coil is on an old nugget patch that has some depth, and all surface junk removed.  I have a few spots in mind, just haven't been able to break away and at the same point, be in the right mindset.  I think when you're using a big coil and really trying to concentrate, you have to be in the right mind frame to really concentrate on faint whispers.  

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