Success with the new Detech 15" Ultimate Spiral DD Searchcoil

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Hello All,

   Just a FYI, if anyone is looking for a great DD coil, this coil has the recent buzz for sure.  Many of the manufactures got away from DD's, which many customer that work high mineralization or that want to use some discrimination still needed.  

Detech just released the new 15" Spiral DD Searchcoil which has been a good hit.  Customer have been impressed with the results, such as smoothness, depth and even sensitivity for a large DD on a Minelab Pulse Induction metal detector.  

Below is some more information on this new coil, which we also sell on our online store -





15″ Ultimate Spiral DD Coil

***Latest technology Spiral Wound DD***

1350 grams

This Spiral Wound DD Coil is 100 % Waterproof, DETECH patented Technology and has just been released to the retail market!
We are truly excited to bring you this 15″ coil, as the newest edition to the DD range!

Amazingly sensitive to small Gold. It matches and surpasses the smallest of DD coils with the ability to run Fine Gold Timing when chasing small to mid sized nuggets. Sensitivity in field tests, this coil can easily see a .05 gram nugget.

This Coil will out punch the 18 round DD by impressive amounts when run in Normal Timing. It comes to you with its own precision fitted skid plate, requiring no tape. It handles difficult ground with quiet operation. If you have deep ground to detect this coil should be no. 1 in your arsenal!
Hunt deep ground with confidence.

All Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, their inside is covered with chopped-strand material for a better shock resistance. We use resins, which are “transparent” to the electromagnetic waves, and offer perfect shielding. The coils are water proof and operate in a wide temperature range. The searchcoils are all equipped with an excellent fitting cover, (skid plate) and have a two year full warranty.






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