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Rob helped me out on quite a lot of gear over the years. Most recently a GPZ 19 coil.

All summer I have been trying to get to a particular place I wanted to go. The 14 coil has hit nice nuggets at an average depth of around 14 inches so I was anticipating some 2 to 5 DWT nuggets at around 19 inches. I have been trying to figure out the best way to swing this beast and what settings to use. This 50 x 50 Foot patch has small nuggets all less than 1DWT usually. I hammered it with the 14 and it was clean. Like anyone I had expectations of large nuggets at 3 feet , why not with such a coil. Not too much to ask  for the price. Well 3 hours later at this location the results are in. All small gold the 14 missed. I am so impressed with the coil. The smallest nugget won't even weigh on my grain scale. The next smallest was a nice signal but I figured it would be too hard to locate and was probably trash so I marked it and put the 14 on. I could not hear it so I switched to the 19. Loud and clear at 4 inches. Total weight for the day 28 grains. I have high hopes for this coil even though it can't be used everywhere and it is very heavy. Use a Hip stick and it isn't too bad. The fact it recognizes small gold the 14 misses is a plus and I know their are big nuggets it will get.

Note I put over 40 hours on this coil trying to figure it out. I just turned up the target volume from 3 to 4 to get better response on small nuggets. I have also found bigger nuggets with it . I was just real excited about this trip!


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WTG on the gold and also on your tenacity to find it! :)  Looks to me with your dedication and what your doing....if its big and deep, your going to find it!
Good luck to you.

Tom H.


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