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Went out with a friend yesterday to hit an old area. The main wash has been really good to us in the past but I wanted to concentrate on the upper tribs that fed it.  My buddy went up one of the tribs and I went down....luck of the draw..I got 3,  2+ grammers and a small one. The first fat one was a reverse signal at dig em all..........Decided to hop over to another trib that ive been up about 4 yrs ago and didnt get anything. It was a long one and I was fighting the urge to go somewhere else before going all the way to the top of this one. Well, I climbed, hiked, detected to the top of the mountain and about 20 yrds short of the top, I get a real nice 3.8 gram specie, and its rough. Great, now I have to go back up there and hunt the hill sides! :)
  Just a little over 1/3 oz.

Tom H. 




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2 hours ago, jjbond said:

Wow!!!! Arizona?



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4 hours ago, andyy said:

yeah, start circling those hillsides, Tom.  Hope you get yourself a patch!!

Oh yah....that's the plan :) 

I had to meet Luke at a certain time at the bottom so I did not spend much time up there. But I did see that it was very minerized  with trumpet plants, that are not seen much in the area. Looks juicy for detecting :) 

Tom H.


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27 minutes ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Tom,

   Congrats.  A lot more gold up in that country that anyone probably guessed 20+ years ago :).  Hope you find a nice Holiday Patch, you deserve it! 

I know there is more up there...but you have to be willing to hike and bleed a lot with all the gol dern catsclaw! 

But its worth it :)

 Tom H.


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