Couple nuggets from the weekend

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Hit an area I've been detecting for a few years in southern Arizona over the weekend. I've found some nice gold there in the past but it's been about 2 years since I've found anything new there.

Found these two in a dirt slide that was eroding down from some hillside placers down into a big wash. Never really hunted a steep hillside like that before but I was in the mood to 'think outside the box' this weekend.

First nugget I found was the one on top. Mostly a small gold/quartz pebble. It was sitting right on the surface. Then about 3 feet away the bottom nugget was down a little deeper in the red clay. This nugget is solid gold. I knew it was a nugget as soon as I swung my coil over it. Nice mellow sound we all love.

Total weight is 1.86 grams.


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Nice! Sounds like you have a lot more ground to cover now that you found it on the hillside :)

Got to have one long leg and one short for hillside hunting though.

WTG on the gold.
Tom H.



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4 hours ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Bud,

   It's always nice to return and get a few pieces.  I might be exploring a new spot with a lot of potential this weekend.  :huh:

P.S.  Hope you didn't talk about the nugget at the outing, I might want to drywash his spot. :ph34r:

Yeah good stuff around that lake right... ?

Thanks for the comments everyone. 

I found a nice 3.5 gram nugget just above these two about two years ago and the wash below is gold-bearing too if you can wade through all the trash. Lots of nooks and crannies I still need to check. 

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