Fun day out today

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Decided to do a short hunt for a couple of hrs today. Really great weather. Had to go back in a mile to get to this spot and it was just some really small drainage's on a hill side. Cant even see them on Google earth. 

10 grams a piece....Yah right, the wonders of a Macro lens.  Actually     .10 gram each. But, I got em :) 

Tom H. 



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Rob: Its a Sony NEX3. This was a quick shot outside. Im still trying to perfect my macros shooting gold. Gold it hard to shoot. For me anyway.

Ill make a separate post about some gold I found with some macro shots.

Tom H.


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Hey Tom,

   Thanks for sharing.  A good Macro camera is nice to have.  I used to have a real nice scanner, but they don't seem to be like they used to.  I just updated to the Iphone X, which you would think for a $1200 phone they would have a macro lens for them. 

The video feature on them can take 4K videos, which is nice.

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