Minelab Partners Conference Starts Tomorrow

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Hey Chuck, 

    Yep, I was there.  Pretty much all the major US dealers were present (Arizona Outback, Myself, Bill Southern, Doc's Detecting, Gerry's Detectors and many more).  A lot of talk on the new Minelab Equinox series 600 and 800.   Minelab sure has made advancements in the Multi-Frequency department with the Coin/Relic detectors.   I doubt anyone will be disappointed with the new Equinox.  

Minelab is still on target of releasing the unit towards the end of the month, Jan. 2018.  I'm hoping they have plenty of units available to supply all the backorders/pre-orders out there.  

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Hey Brian and others,

   No real talk about the GPZ or anything new coming out along those lines.  The new focus from what I gathered is Minelab really concentrating on the coin/relic market once again. 

There was some talk about getting the XChange software updated and doing more with it, but they didn't go really into any solid details.  I'm sure in the future we will hear more from Minelab on this. 

No question, Minelab is moving forward with Advanced Technology and much better Support than we have seen in the past. 

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