WTT for a Whites TDI SL/No longer at this time

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Just found out i am still having issues with it so i am sending it back to Whites.  Don't want to sell or trade it if it is not working like it should.



Want to trade some cash and  a Whites Gold Master V-sat just back from Whites where they replaced the course and fine ground balance pots, the threshold pot, Iron ID switch, and headphone jack,  tested it with  the 6"x10" coil. I also am waiting on delivery of a new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max coil and lower rod and a used 4"x6" Shooter coil and cover. They are in Montecito California and being held up by the flooding and mudslide but are do to arrive Thurs.. I have the receipts from Whites for the repairs  and 2 AA battery holders. Want to trade for Whites TDI SL or maybe an older model Minelab GP/SD.
I am enclosing pics of the V-sat  The G M 3 coil in the pics is not included as i have it for sale separately.  Thanks

coils & rods.jpeg





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