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Yesterday I made it back out to the spot where I got gold last week. There was a cold wind blowing down the canyon as the sun began it accent for the day. I was nestled in this canyon as it's been good to be before and there had to be more gold. Soon the sun peaked out from the ridges to the East and cast a warm glow and warmer temperatures. As I began to poke around it wasn't until noon that I hit my first target. It was a nice nugget but I was worried the streak had ended. I continued the hunt until the shadows of afternoon took over the canyon and around 5 pm I got a signal. I dug and dug and then out popped this very nice nugget. After getting home and weighing it, the scale said .76 of an ounce. Along with the morning nugget I was just shy of an ounce. It's still out there!

Note- there was second nugget in the picture but it cut off in the download. 


Now I see the second nugget

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Arizona gold for sure. I was using the GPX that day only because my 5000 stopped working last trip. Rob was with me on that hunt and he offered to try to fix it. He couldn't get it to work but sent in to Minelab for me for repairs. I will say Rob goes out of his way for his customers and I appreciate very much. 

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Wow! WTG on that gold. Thats a good day for sure.


Tom H.


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Hey Afriscot,

   Congrats on the recent nugget finds.  You sure are hitting it good out there, wish I could join you sometime soon.  Hope the great looking gold continues in your spot, those spots are very difficult to find with the type of gold you're finding.  

On another note, Thanks for the comments on the customer service.  I have always believed that if you want to run a successful small business, you have to treat others like you would want to be treated.  There will always be the customer you can't seem to satisfy, trust me I have had them, but 99% of the customer really appreciate the dealer going the extra mile to take care of them.  

Hope your streak continues and keep us updated here on the forums.  

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