AT Gold coil ?

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Anyone use one of the Nel Snake or Cors Shrew 3.5"x 6.5" coils on your AT Gold and if so what do you think of it? Is it worth the money? Does it do anything the stock 5"x8" coil don't? Thanks for any input as i am thinking about getting one for the AT Gold i just bought.

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Rod K,

I myself was interested in an after market coil for the AT GOLD until i starting reading reviews. Seems as though not many positive reviews over the stock 5x8 coil really. Did you end up purchasing one? I'd love to hear your review! Ive got the little mono sniper coil, while i have found specimen gold with it Ive gone to my new GPX4500 with the NF Sadie and am loving it.

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Nel Snake or Cors Shrew - who names these things? lol

BTW - I believe both of these coils are primarily for relic/coin hunting (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Never personally used either for gold and have no idea how well they could handle mineralized ground. I have experienced that a gold detector will work great as a relic unit provided you are prepared to deal with the trash as gold detectors are not great with target ID like coil/relic machines; however, I've not seen any relic/coin machine that can serve as truly capable gold machines in mineralized ground. 

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Rohan Sadie that is in my collection I won when it was first released, It a great coil I don't use it much I'm not sure it is because I like his larger coils for patch hunting or because the wife has claimed it. Sadie has found thousands of small nuggets over the years mainly by her. I think it is hard to get the sadie of her than the gold. Note she not wearing High Heals  :lol:




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