Another golden day in them thar hills

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My good friend Las and I headed out early to see if we could talk some nuggets out of the ground. We decided to hunt a wash that was not too remote but one where we had both found some great gold in the past. We’ve pounded but not yet “finished” this wash so there was some opportunity left.

Crawling through some thick brush I trashed the headphone cord on my GPZ headphones. Easy enough to fix and having the WM12 wireless external speaker saved me time from a mile and a half hike back to the quads to grab the backup pair. Thanks Minelab :thumbsupanim

I ended up with 3.1 grams for the day and my friend got a couple of nice quartz species with his Gold Bug :black_knight_standing: I decided to use the Ground Smoothing option of Locate Patch on this wash (used the default Off previously) and these signals really stood out. Don’t have any pics of his finds but do have a pic of him with one in the scoop. Here pics are of my nugs in-situ. Both found on a inside bend bench. 9.2 grams for my week so far and now the weekend is here - hmmm :) :head:

First nugget in-situ


Second nugget in-situ


Good friend scores a specie on the flats


Dang headphone cord


Bird's nest


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