Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

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Been meaning to post this for a few weeks...We've passed through this area a couple of times in the last few years. It’s kind of funny how much equipment we’ve found left in the deserts and mountains over the years. Seeing good equipment left to waste just always makes me wonder why people never go back for things? :89: In just these pics there is over $1,000 in equipment: a drywasher and two vacuums. Not to mention the buckets, pans, shovels, knee pads, etc. Enough equipment for two people easily. Why did these guys never go back? Struck it rich, lazy, lost their way, knuckleheads?

Regardless, no one has touched their stuff for a few years and at this point it's all rusty, dry rotted junk. No matter the why, it's this kind of thing gives prospectors and outdoors folk in general a bad reputation for trashing the public lands. If you leave crap laying around to rot - you’re part of the problem :nono: Don’t give the greenies cause. We named it the Junkyard Dog wash.







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