Grab your detectors boys and girls.

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12 hours ago, adam said:

This is a metal detecting and prospecting forum. This thread has nothing to do with either subject.

Falls under the classification of "prospecting".

verb (used with object)

to search or explore (a region), as for gold or other precious metals.

Green arrow: overburden

Red arrow: digging implement

Yellow arrow: precious metal recovered





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On 3/24/2018 at 8:50 PM, nuggethunting said:

Hey Guys and Gals,

   Could you imagine finding something like that though?  Just imagine detecting in the mountains and seeing about 100 gold bars lying on the ground.  :ph34r:

Oh I could imagine ......   I say what bars ....  :P

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We had a treasury truck full of newly minted coins turn over up in my area a few years ago. Scattered coin all over the shoulder. You couldn't get close to it until the treasury dept. removed all the still salvageable coins from the wreckage. There is likely hundreds if not thousands of loose coin still out there. However the danger of trying to recover any of it around that dangerous curve would certainly out weigh the reward. If that would have been gold instead of coins, that would certainly be a different story.....and I would have beat you all to it, lol. Dennis

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