LSD camp out

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Got back in one piece from a great camp out up around LSD.

Perfect detecting weather! Saw some cool things.....Wire/wood ladder for a mineshaft, doubledecker cacti, old handstack, 90+ miles of dirt road! Dad and James scored a couple of dinksters, I got skunked. Found some cool things though, 45 cal. and a 10 guage shotgun shell base in some tribs that I need to go back to. Got some more trash from them so they have not been hit :yesss: Hard to find washes like that in the LSD area. Found a seed pod that had to make a bird out of :4chsmu1: Great food and friends. Had a blast.
Tom H.















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1 hour ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Tom x 2,

    Must be nice, camping, stress relieve, searching for gold ..... I guess someday I will get an invite. :ph34r:

P.S.  I love Asparagus! 

Massive stress Relief ! Great to just get out and kick back, have fun with or no gold.

Remember you said this.......your invited to the next one.............Mid July, Eugene gulch area, Around Poland Junction.  :)

Tom H.


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1 hour ago, Cowkiller said:

Way fun! Tom I have tried to make asparagus several times and can't get it to taste good like yours.... It looks so easy! 

Thanks. Its easy...

Break off the hard ends on the rear of the  asparagus, put them in a freezer bag with about a half cup of water, put in some McCormicks MONTREAL Seasoning, let it marinade in the fridge for a day or so, put them on a plate, drizzle with olive oil, shake some more seasoning on them and grill to perfection :)

Tom H.

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