Bunk's Burro and Hermit Prospecting Picks Back in Stock!

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Hello All,

    Just a quick FYI that we have both of Bunk's Burro and Hermit picks back in stock.  The Burro pick is $45.00 and the Hermit Pick is $55.00.  There is a $15 Shipping and Handling charge on these due to the size and weight for shipping.  Both are one hell of a pick, the Burro is very lightweight at 1.75 pounds and the Hermit pick is 2.75 pounds.  

The Burro picks is the left pick, the Hermit is the right pick. 

The Burro has a 4.5" wide x 2.5" Deep Blade, Strong 1/4" Steel 3" Spike.

The Hermit has a Contoured 8" Wide x 3" Deep Blade, Strong 1/4" Steel 6" Spike.



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Hey Guys,

   A very long time ago, I wasn't a huge fan of the original Hermit pick.  I loved the Walco picks coming from Australia.  They didn't have the wide blade like the Hermit or smaller blade like the Burro.  However, over the years, I have found many more nuggets by the use of the wider blade being able to scratch back the general area where I found one nugget, then several more.  :ph34r:

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About 5 years or so Buck made me 2 with 36" handles bad knees didn't have to bend as far

Watch a couple of guys on YouTube in the east they find lots of civil war items

They screw a magnet to bottom of handle that can lift 450 lbs the kind they use for river and lake magnet fishing

Saw them on video lifting out of river civil war cannon ball

I want to put 450 lb magnet on mine and just clear a 10 ft circle of all the junk at 1 time

Then you just have gold and coins and pop tops



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Just ordered a Burro to add to my existing Hermit as a backup.. great picks.

For those looking for a great pouch for these, I use the Double D leather angle pouch out of Australia, if Rob doesn't sell them, look on Nenad's site:



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2 hours ago, fishing8046 said:

I just thought I would try something new

I think its great really. I bought just the pick head alone and made my own handle for it. Its not meant for extreme digging but if i have to dig a hole 2 feet deep it will do it. Just takes a little more time.  The apex is a bruiser for sure , but I try to keep as light as possible when hiking long distances.

I dont even use magnets anymore.....way over rated , and a waste of weight , time , and money ...but thats another subject  lol

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