New Product - Steel Phase Audio Enhancers from Australia (Nenad's)

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Hello All,

    Got just a small batch in for now of Nenad's new SteelPhase Audio Enhancers.  Here is all the details on them below.  The are $188.00 + Shipping/Handling in the US.  You can order online by using this direct link -

Two prospectors got together and exchanged ideas about building a better audio enhancer. A collaboration between Pat O'Connell (electronics expert) aka SteelPat, and Nenad Lonic (ex Minelab) aka PhaseTech, and the steelPHASE Enhancer name was born.

Field testing of various versions revealed different sound profiles (filters) would be beneficial on different detectors and different headphones, so it was logical to incorporate switchable filters into the final product. Very low noise circuitry for the clearest amplified sound allows you hear the faintest of target signals.

Combining a rugged yet stylish case and high quality electronic components, the sP01 was born.


The SteelPhase sP01 is a modern low noise audio enhancer, with built in LiPo battery for over 20 hrs use. Unique features include a Mode switch to accept stereo and mono wiring, and a 2 position Filter. Designed and tested by prospectors for prospectors, with very good results on the Minelab SDC2300*, GPZ7000 and GPX series. It works extremely well with headphones and external speakers alike. Perfectly suited to most detectors, but will provide excellent results particularly on gold detectors that have a faint signal response.

Most detectors put out very clear audio, it’s usually the play back device that lets down the audio path. With the sP01, the Filter control allows you to control how much clarity you want coming through. When using stereo headphones, the Mode 2 position also opens up the audio, giving more clarity, with minimal background noise.


  • Easy to use
  • Rugged construction
  • Compatible with most detectors
  • Low background noise and hiss
  • 3 selectable filter options
  • 2 switchable output options
  • Broad volume range for precise adjustment
  • USB rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Over 20hr run time
  • High speed charge time
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Military grade components
  • High quality aluminum enclosure
  • Urethane coated pcb for corrosion resistance 
  • Professional grade plugs and cable
  • Manufactured in Victoria, Australia

Filter Switch

This selects one of three different audio filtering options.
Each filter has been designed to enhance the signal without boosting unwanted noise.
The optimum setting will depend on detector setup and operators hearing preference.

Mode Switch

Position 1: Used for both stereo and mono wired operation.
Position 2: Used for stereo wired headphones or stereo wired dual speakers only.

Package Contents

  • 1 x sP01 unit
  • 1 x heavy duty, high quality audio cable, fitted with Amphenol 6.35mm audio plugs
  • 1 x USB charge cable
  • Instruction Booklet





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Hi Rob, I have a brand new B&Z that I purchased for use with my 5000 and then when I sold the 5000, planned to (but haven't yet) use on my 7000. Before I start using this I'm curious about maybe selling it and purchasing one of Nenad's but I'm curious if anyone has done a side by side comparison of how this unit compares to JP's B&Z?

Can you please add the dimensions to the above info so we can determine pouch size etc, I don't see any type of clip on it, does it come with a pouch?



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Here's are a couple of vid guys....

A quick comparison using the GPZ7000 between the WM12 and steelPHASE sP01 Enhancer with speaker, on a buried target.



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Here's my answer on the pouch, do you have these available as well Rob?

Here's more info folks:

And a GREAT Aussie forum thread on the item:



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Hi Fred, So understanding that we are all different, I have found that using Filter #1 and Mode #2 (which is best for stereo headphones), that the signal's I get are "brighter" and "crisper" from the Steel Phase than what I was using before.

What I do is tune the 7000 without the Steel Phase turned on. After the GPZ is tuned I turn the unit on, turn up it's volume pretty high (8), but then make sure my threshold at that volume is comfortable and just audible enough where I hear it's variations but it's not going to give me noise fatigue. Where I usually hunt has very small gold. You have to be tuned well as it's been gone over by hundreds of very good detectorists. I have found very small bits at depths that I feel most detectors must have missed because there is so much evidence of activity all around me. Anyway, not sure all that makes sense. 

As I originally said, I also like the B&Z. Used it for years and years but, for me, I just respond to the way the Steel Phase seems to sound in conjunction with the GPZ.

Hope you are doing well and am sending you best wishes...

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Hey Guys,

    For all my customers and friends using the Steelphase, they all agree it's the best signal enhancer out there today.  That being said, they are very hard to keep in stock here in the US due to the huge demand for them in their home country, Australia.  Pat @ Steelphase developed a great unit here and many are having great success with them on the Minelab PI's, SDC 2300 and GPZ 7000.  


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Although I haven't been out much the last couple years, I must say I am impressed with my Steelphase. It has helped me hear targets I have missed without it. I have also discovered that the Garrett wireless system actually hinders the Steelphase. I have tried it on both sides of that wireless system and it doesn't allow the Steelphase to show it's full capability. I will likely acquire the Minelab wireless unit in the future to see if it fares better as I do like being separated from the detector. The Steelphase and the SDC2300 together is a deadly combo in the right hands. Dennis

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Hey Flak,

   Ya, I guess it's a good problem.  To be honest, due to the shipping prices and smaller batches of them arriving, I'm not making much off of them.  It's just a nice product to have available for my customers as it's the best signal enhancer out there in my opinion.  We just got another small batch in, it sold out quickly, but I have two more batches coming, once should be here within a week, but almost all of them are pre-sold right now.  

I hoping to get a pair or two of the new Steelphase headphones to see how those are also.  

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