Little guy from Thurs.

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Got out with dad and hit some new areas. Nothing to show for in them. :o Went back into backwards wash with the GM1000. This area is really hard on VLFs, but, the monster ran very smooth and quite. As long as you ground balance it correctly. It did sing on some hot rocks and ironstone, but those are easily kicked aside.

 We have hit this area a lot. Even gridded it/raked/dug it  with the GB2/GBpro  and PI. Well, lo and behold, I got the bigger one about 1 1/2 foot up the bank of a small drainage and the small one was up on a hill side. 1.2 grams on the bigger one.

Seems the monster, being able to run quite , sniffed it out. Dont know it it was on edge or what.  But I got it :)

Great day out with dad and we were blessed with yellow stuff :)
Tom H.



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