Ever heard of this type of crack on the GPZ?

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The only way that can happen is if the battery was not seated correctly and then forced with the cam locks. Most probably a cam lock on one side was closed then the other side attempted to be closed causing a scissor action on the molding causing it to break. The detector should still work, just the water proof battery compartment has been compromised. The seals are the same design as the CTX 3030 which has a water proof rating, GPZ does not have a water proof rating except for the coil to 1 meter. So long as you do not immerse the machine then it should be OK, a light sprinkle of rain should be fine when the battery is seated properly even with that piece of molding missing, assuming the main housing to the electronics is sound (hard to tell going by the pictures).

Hope this helps

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Hey Brownie,

   Yep I done it myself.  I was lucky enough to just super glue it and allow it to set overnight.  It corrected the problem.  I'm not sure if my battery wasn't seated well or if it got bumped in the back of the truck.  Either way, Yes I broke one before.  

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