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After spending time in California taking my wife fishing, for the third straight year, we have decided to move here part time. We have fished Clear lake and Berryessa and need to be close to there,yet close to good gold. My first thought was Auburn, Ca. As that’s close to the gold fields. It needs to be north where there is oak trees and grass.  My question for those in the know is where is a good place to live?

hard to beat Arizona in the winter but it gets too hot.



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My family lives in Santa Rosa, about two and a half hours south west of Auburn. Beautiful country, not too far from the gold fields and very close to the ocean. Santa Rosa is kind of in the middle between Clear Lake and Berryessa if memory serves correct. 

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10 hours ago, Uncle Ron said:

Napa, wine country, etc., is NOT Northern CA ... Go up to Siskiyou County, Scott Valley, Happy Camp and that direction...fewer folk and more gold! ... Cheers, Unc


All depends on who you ask Ron. Makes no difference to me what anyone thinks but I do find it comical how polarized of a topic this can be for some people who live out there. 

10 hours ago, Afriscot said:

Thanks Rod, you are right about Santa Rosa as it’s beautiful. I like Napa but haven’t won the lottery yet. 

You and me both, still waiting to win the lottery 

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