Minelab Equinox 800 First 2 Outings (Surprise Silver)

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I had a tough first day using the new Equinox detector on Saturday ( 2 hour hunt at Phoenix parks).  I only used the quick start guide with basic Park 1 / 2 to test.
2 25c
4 10c
3 5c
20 1c
100+ foil bits - basic Park 1 program drove me nuts with all the chatter in trashy parks.
2 Plastic Play Money
Junk Necklace/Chains
Today, I tried a new "coin" program I found on Youtube and went out for about 4 hours at Encanto park.  It worked nicely! (Custom Tones & Zones Park 1)
21 25c
15 10c
15 5c -- most nickels I think in one day ever.  Coin program made nickels stand out.  Dug one at 10 inches in middle of trash.
77 1c
1928 very corroded Merc dime - I did not know I got this until I got home - this looked like clad it was so dark.  Odd.  This is after light cleaning.
129 Coins Total: not bad at all.
No jewerly other than a junk ring.
1 slot machine token.  Fun.
New coin program did very well today.  Made for a fun time with the new detector.   
Only issue I have with the detector now is it can not detect within 3-4ft of large metal odjects.  I tried lower sensitivity but it was no help.
Playground equipment, fences, rebar in walls etc gave me alot of issues.  I just avoided them were I could.  I might need the 6in coil.
Side note: My neck is burned to a crisp - too dang hot!





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