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Very nice finds. Due to the depth of the gold left in most the patches, I do believe these sound enhancers are of major value. Anything  to get you down to the layer no one has detected before.

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Hey Jen,

   Nice looking gold.  The SteelPhase are great signal enhancers.  I can't keep them in stock, hoping Nenad has more coming my way very soon.  I wanted to try one on my GPZ 7000 this winter over some spots I already hunted to see if it makes a difference for me.  

Congrats once again on the gold. 

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Thanks for the details, interesting post and pics of beautiful gold. I've been reading about Nenad's SP01 signal enhancer on the Aussie forum and FB. Looks like a signal enhancer is better than the GPZ 7000 audio output and it improves weak signals without boosting the noise. Must be fantastic on those whispers we are all listening for. Placed my order with Rob yesterday!:D


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On 6/19/2018 at 9:32 AM, jjbond said:

pictures had exhif data and I've staked a claim in that area...

Thats funny coming from you . Guess you dont like that done to you , yet you readily admitted to extracting that very data from a pic Rob posted of that huge nugget a while back.... Guess you deleted that post too..... 

Then you have the audacity to act so sanctimonious  ......

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