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Hey everyone,

Thought I would say hello and introduce myself.I am brand new to forum and pretty new to prospecting.started prospecting a couple years ago but got serious about detecting about a year ago.Im from Las Vegas Nevada ,belong to a couple prospecting clubs and really enjoy it.joined this forum because I have been reading it for awhile now,ever since I bought an 11 inch elite mono coil from robs detectors.was very happy with coil and robs service.So be ready for a lot of newbie questions from me ! 

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Hi guys thank you for the welcome.Yes Jen I go to gold basin quite a bit it's pretty close to me I also hit the Prescott  and Wickenburg area. As far as Nevada goes up around eureka ,Lida and ely are good for me the company I used to work for did a lot work in those areas So I know a few people there.As far as detectors go I use a 5000 most of the time if dry washing I'll use a gb2 or gm 1000 to check header pile and bedrock,but most of the time it's the 5000.

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Hey guys,

Not sure if you know me or not Hendo I've lived in Vegas 32 years joined gpaa a few years ago and gssn just recently also just joined rrpc . Worked for a concrete company for that time ,mostly government , infrastructure and a little bit of private commercial stuff. We also did decorative for a few years but shut it down because for the amount of proffit it was to big of a pain . Didn't join the local gpaa chapter so have never been to one of their meetings, did meet the lady that runs it at the gold show. If I'm in town on the 11 of this month I do plan on attending the gssn meeting at the casino on Boulder highway.Hope to see you there if that is the club you are referring to.


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