New Equinox Book, Metal Detector and Accessories

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Hey Guys,

   Normally this time of year is very slow, at least for me.  That being said, the Minelab Equinox has kept most dealers including myself more than busy.  The demand Worldwide is crazy!  I'm still struggling to keep these units in stock, especially the Equinox 800.  I still have a few Minelab Equinox 600's in stock, but I'm sure they will be gone by this weekend.  

I just received in the new Book, The Minelab Equinox Series, from beginner to Advanced, by Clive James Clynick.  We are selling this book for $16.95 + SH and it's flying off the shelf due to the demand of the Equinox series.  We still have plenty, but we are selling them quickly on Ebay and the online store.

All of the accessories are coming in slow.  We just got more of the Equinox Waterproof Headphones, which are very difficult to keep in stock.  These are $149.00

We have more of the smaller accessories in stock, coil covers, chargers, screen covers and more.  

The Searchcoils, such as the new 6" are still on back order.  This coil will be a huge seller once it arrives.  

The new Headphones Adapter, 3.5mm is also another huge seller.  We have them currently, but they also sell very quickly.  This adapter will allow you to have a waterproof connector on one end (plugs into the detector) and then have a 1/4 headphone jack for your favorite aftermarket headphones.  Please refer to the diagram on the bottom to make sure you have the right aftermarket headphones to work with the new adapter.

If you are still searching for the Minelab Equinox 800's, we are getting them in about every week or so, but small orders.  You can place a back order online and once they arrive you will get one of the first ones.  To place a backorder, order on this link -

Hope this helps a bit.  The Equinox has been the hottest selling Minelab detector in the last 17 years of being a dealer for them.  I have never seen a demand for a single metal detector like this.  




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Hey Flak,

   I also just picked up both of his Minelab CTX 3030 books below.  If anyone wants them, I think I have one on the site, working on getting the other up.  Both books are $16.95 + $4 SH and we have them in stock right now. 




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The Equinox is the first detector besides PI's that I have owned in over 30 years. It is really fun.

I hear the 3030 is a great detector and he seems to like them too, he often brings in his experience with them even in the Equinox book.

I have hundreds of hours now with the Equinox 800 and feel as though I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing - but I also really like

that there is always something more to learn. I have only used it on the beach and in a park, can't wait to see how it does in the gold areas.

Best to you Rob.

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