does my sdc have a problem?

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ive had my sdc for about a year and five months, i have had times when the emi would make detecting very difficult or impossible, but it had never lasted all day. i can count on the mornings being quiet......well today my machine was inoperable from start to finish. i went to 2 different locations about 10 miles apart and there was no change. the erratic signaling drove me nuts. i could not recover targets because of it. the last time out it did the same thing, only it started about 1 hr into the hunt, and did not go away. has anyone had this problem? it is possible it is a really bad time for emi... 111* forecasted today with humidity....temps were 80-95 during operation... thoughts appreciated 

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Hello GS,

   This forum is pretty slow, so if you want you can post it over in the main forum.  That being said, Yes the EMI at least here in Arizona is much worse this time of year.  It has to do with the Monsoon storms, lightning strikes, clouds building and such from the storms many miles away.  Normally this time of year is worse, the early morning is best, but the afternoons the storms start to really build.  

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thanks rob. i have experienced this issue quite a bit lately. it is no fun, and has me wondering if there is something wrong with the detector. the gpx can get a spasm, but i could work through it. the sdc was inoperable when it started having fits. not fun having a morning hunt ruined by emi. first time this has happened to me...i love my sdc. it brings home gold 95% of the time if i do my part.   redding area gets summer mountain thunder storms on a regular basis as well. and with the high humidity, high over night temps, and very high high temps for the valley, i hope this is the culprit. i will know in a little while after a trip or two in better weather.

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