Rob, hows your Dad Doing?

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Hey Grubstake and All,

    Dad is doing well.  It's been about 4-5 weeks since the surgery.  He had issues the first couple of weeks with very low blood pressure in the mornings, being very dizzy.  They kept playing around with Blood Pressure meds and I think t they finally have it somewhat solved now.  He said he still feels pretty weak.  He was hoping for a quicker recovery, but said he still feels out of breath and weak.  I told him it might take awhile to get back to where he was prior.  

Thanks for asking. 

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Glad to hear hes on the mend. Keep us updated! I was hoping nothing was wrong due to the lag in response.

Tom H.


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Yeah Rob, It takes a while to loose the weakness and tired feelings after a major surgery like that.  It's hard for a virile male to even admit to having to depend on others and take a back seat at times.  Have patients with him even if he doesn't have much for himself, he's not used to it.  Eventually in time he will become stronger and become the same old fart he used to be with some limitations.  Keep him walking around the house and exercising, it's the best way to get stronger quicker.  Put the pants on one leg at a time 'Sitting Down'.  ?  ?

Old Tom 

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