Lode claim & nuggets??

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I might know the answer to this question but can’t resist because of the vast experience on this forum.  It’s a bit further for me to drive but I’m looking at a gold district by me that states the gold was located in “quartz veins and granite”.  Land matters shows only 3 lode claims in the area of a large range (no placer).  Would this detract any of you from checking it out or go for it just to quench my curiosity.

second question... is there a way to determine if a lode ever had detectable gold versus micron stuff?  

Im heading out tomorrow and may as well get skunked somewhere new I guess??‍♂

Thanks in advance!


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Hey BrownNugget,

   I'm not real familiar with that area, besides hearing about the gold around Randsburg area.  The El Paso Mountains have been talked about a lot in the past.  I have a guy, looking to get into detecting for nuggets in the area.  He would like to pal up with someone if you're interested. 


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Today paid off.  Really hard packed material I was digging.  First 3-4 inches were like a sand box but then the rest was the hardest material I have ever dug.  I spent 15 minutes digging several targets that were trash which is why I left and went back to my stomping grounds 15 miles away.  I never tried the lode spot in this post.  When you only get out every 2 weeks it’s hard to commit to a new spot.  I’ll just wait for a friend to accompany me.  Thank you for the input and Rob yes I would like to get into contact with a buddy out here.  I suppose private message me?  Not sure how that works.  



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