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Hello All,

   We just received another batch of the new SteelPhase SP01 Audio Enhancers back in stock.  They will not stick around long, since we are not getting much closer to our prospecting season here in the US.  Below I have posted some information about the new Audio Enhancers.  Some great reviews have came from Australia and now from customers that are using them here in the US on the SDC2300, GPX series & GPZ 7000.  

Here is a direct link for ordering -



Two prospectors got together and exchanged ideas about building a better audio enhancer. A collaboration between Pat O'Connell (electronics expert) aka SteelPat, and Nenad Lonic aka PhaseTech, and the steelPHASE Enhancer name was born. Field testing of various versions revealed different sound profiles (filters) would be beneficial on different detectors and different headphones, so it was logical to incorporate switchable filters into the final product. Very low noise circuitry for the clearest amplified sound allows you to hear the faintest of target signals. Combining a rugged yet stylish case and high quality electronic components, the sP01 was born.


The SteelPhase sP01 is a modern low noise audio enhancer, with built in LiPo battery for over 20 hrs use. Unique features include a Mode switch to accept stereo and mono wiring, and a 3 position Filter. Designed and tested by prospectors for prospectors, with very good results on the Minelab SDC2300*, GPZ7000 and GPX series. It works extremely well with headphones and external speakers alike. Perfectly suited to most detectors, but will provide excellent results particularly on gold detectors that have a faint signal response. Most detectors put out very clear audio, it’s usually the play back device that lets down the audio path. With the sP01, the Filter control allows you to control how much clarity you want coming through. When using stereo headphones, the Mode 2 position also opens up the audio, giving more clarity, with minimal background noise.

• Easy to use
• Rugged construction
• Compatible with most detectors
• Low background noise and hiss
• 3 selectable filter options
• 2 switchable output Modes
• Broad volume range for precise adjustment
• USB rechargeable LiPo battery
• Over 20hr run time
• High speed charge time – USB cable included
• Compact and lightweight, approx. 205g
• Military grade components
• High quality aluminum enclosure
• Urethane coated pcb for corrosion resistance
• Professional grade plugs and low-noise patch cable supplied
• Manufactured in Victoria, Australia

*Phase Technical Adaptor Lead required for use with the SDC2300.


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