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On 10/6/2019 at 9:12 PM, Rhachide Amorim said:

Bom  não sei se é real mas Aki no Brasil teve uma história de um fazendeiro que nos tempos de seca sofria com a falta de água e teve uma ideia de fazer trilhos de 1,60mt de profundidade no morro e um buraco em baixo formando um assude lago para aproveitar a água da chuva quando desia o morro um certo dia a máquina que ele estava cavando quebrou e ele a levou para arrumar naquela semana choveu 3 dias sem para quando ele um funcionário e o mecânico da máquina voltaram no local avistaram no local pedras de ouro tão grandes quanto essas pegavam com a mão deste mesmo jeito do video .

agora eu te pergunto e se esse cara encontrou esse local comprou essa terra não saiu espalhando que nem um bobo vendeu escondido ou distante de onde mora e agora faz esse tipo de vídeo mas ninguém sabe onde fica e os comentários também são bloqueados impedindo ou até diminuindo a chance de quem quer que saiba ou identifique a terra ou o local fale .

ah  voltando a história do fazendeiro ele foi ao contrário 2 dias depois o boato foi espalhando e pareceram 4mil pessoas no local em 4 horas de trabalho às pessoas cavando acharam de 4 a 5 mil dólares isso um grupo de 3 pessoas  .

eu sou brasileiro meu avô conheceu um índio antigo que falou para ele que o país o Brasil é eo dorado é um país não uma cidade não tenho dinheiro para botar minhas idéias em prática se não jah tinha comprado minhas terras em alguma região onde sei que posso achar isso pode acontecer.

minha análise.

analisando o vídeo parece que ele está andando ne um leito de um rio que está com o nível muito baixo pode ser né uma época de seca isso explicaria as rochas maiores e as pedras parecendo que estão pulidas talves é mas fácil não cavar é só pensar ne uma plantação todo ano né uma data eles volta e pega oque pode e vai embora embora sem chamar atenção de ninguém .

Obrigado pela atenção respeito a todos e todas as opiniões meu avô foi um grande garimpeiro e me falou sobre algumas coisas e ideologias diferentes apesar de nunca ter me arriscado sei por onde deveria me arriscar .

Rhachide Amorim .

Brasil . São Paulo. Praia Grande


On 10/12/2019 at 1:00 PM, oldies1955 said:

I couldn't agree more Rhachide

Tom H.


The best I could get from an online translator on what Rhachide is saying was the following, still sorta hard to understand it 100% but at least I can tell he was replying on topic and is genuinely replying about the video...

"Well I do not know if it is real but Aki in Brazil had a story of a farmer who in the dry times suffered from the lack of water and had an idea to make rails of 1, 60mt depth on the hill and a hole down forming a Frighde lake to enjoy the rainwater When I went down the hill a certain day the machine he was digging broke and he took it to tidy that week it rained 3 days without for when he an employee and the machine mechanic returned at the site they spotted on the spot gold stones as big as these were catching  With his hand in the same way as the video.

Now I ask you and if this guy found this site bought this land did not come out spreading that neither a fool sold hidden or distant from where he lives and now does this type of video but nobody knows where it gets and the comments are also blocked preventing or even diminished Going the chance of anyone who knows or identifies the land or the place to speak.

Ah coming back to the farmer's story he went backwards 2 days later the rumor was spreading and looked like 4mil people on site at 4 hours of work to people digging found from 4 to 5000 dollars that a group of 3 people.

I am Brazilian my grandfather met an ancient Indian who spoke to him that the country Brazil is and the Dorado is a country not a city I have no money to put my ideas into practice if not Jah had bought my land in some region where I know I can find this can the Happening.

My analysis.

Analyzing the video it looks like he's walking ne a bed of a river that's with the very low level might be right a dry season that would explain the bigger rocks and the looking stones that are puread maybe is but easy not to dig is just think ne a plantation every year right  A date they come back and picks up what can and goes away without drawing anyone's attention.

Thanks for the attention respect to everyone and all the opinions my grandfather was a great prospector and told me about some things and different ideologies even though I never risked I know where I should risk myself.

Rhachide Amorim ".

Brasil . São Paulo. Praia Grande

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This is certainly gold.  I some countries,  there is plenty of gold in the rivers that local people collected.    He certainly does not fake it because he scooped the dirt from the river bank.  The gold nuggets have been washed off by the river streams, thus shiny.  There is no way this guy fake it.  This may be in Soviets Union or Ukraine.  My 2 cents.

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The only gold this guy is picking up is from Utube! 2-3 million views a video! Sheeeit! Well, I do have to say it got my attention and heart beating for a minute until things just weren't looking and sounding right. But he's making a mint off Utube. Ha!

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Ya, it's as fake as shit.  I have been prospecting and mining my entire life.  The gold nuggets would not be lying right on the surface, especially in a large water course.  The gold is way too shiny for even being in the water.  The gold is melted, but I do agree it's gold or gold plated.  

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Total BS. The guy is so stupid he shows in one video how to collect gold with a magnet, which would work great if gold actually was magnetic. The black magnetite that is sticking to the magnet is the only authentic part of that deception. I am an authentic gold miner with alluvial leases in Australia and I use magnets to remove the ironstone from the concentrates during cleanups and the good stays behind because it’s not magnetic. I could post a video showing the process. Won’t be dramatic like this BS but at least it would be authentic. Bert

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Maximov Ro is a fake and a fraud. No doubt about it.

I've worked in gold mining for most of my adult life...and what this guy shows in his videos is fantasy.

Large gold nuggets sticking to magnets. No way!

It would be great if there was such a thing as a gold magnet...but there isn't. 

There are no shortcuts or exceptions to the laws of physics that govern our world.

Would be nice if it was real...but it's not.

It was a good idea getting his daughter involved to make it look even more real.

But the fact's all a bunch of made up bullshit!

The guy makes a lot more money from YouTube than he's ever made gold prospecting. 

I worked in Chukotka, Russia, for 2 years developing and putting into operation a real world class gold mine.

There is a lot of gold and other valuable metals in Russia, but it's not oozing out of the ground like Maximov Ro wants you to believe.

Actually Maximov Ro lives in Aalmaty, Kazakhstan.

There are a few vids debunking his fraud.

Here's one:

But if you use your mind, and really watch what's going on in Maximov Ro's don't need anyone to tell you it's all BS.

Alluvial gold doesn't just lay around on the surface the way he shows.

Gold is usually the heaviest metal around and will normally be on the bottom right up against the bedrock, because that's as far from the surface as it can go.

Don't be taken in by Maximov Ro. It's just entertainment, not reality.


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