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While detecting in an exposed bedrock section (while working my way upstream) in a wash today, I noticed something "juicy." :droolin:    It was a naturally-formed riffle that had formed in the exposed granite bedrock up about 5 ft from me.  In my mind I thought:  That would be an ideal spot for a nugget to drop and be sucked up under the ridge of that riffle.  The riffle was probably only about 5" wide, but ideally, it was positioned in the lowest part of the wash.  :yesss:  Although I continued detecting, slowly working my way up to the riffle, my "minds-eye" could see that nugget there.  I could hardly contain myself to continue slowly detecting where I was at, because I just knew that there was a nugget there.  It even slowed me down a little more when I had to stop a couple of times to dig lead targets,..."drats":2mo5pow:     When I finally reached the spot and swung my coil over the riffle,....it was there!!! :4chsmu1:   It was a nice-mellow signal that I had hoped would be there.  When I took my digging tool and dug out the little bit of sand and clay mixture, out came that little-bit-of-yellow that we all enjoy seeing.  It isn't a real big nugget, but it was where I knew it would be.  My detector really didn't find it,..I did,....my coil just pointed out where it was.  The last picture is of a quartz vein cutting thru  (contact zone) the exposed granite bedrock, which was about a foot-or-so upstream of the riffle.   Happy Hunting all.   Gary






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Hey Gary,

    Always nice to find those spots where the bedrock is like riffles, or at least very rough.  You can almost bet in those spots if you get a nice signal is could be gold.  Sometimes the small lead and BB's can fool you, but they seem to like the same spots as gold.  

Congrats on the nugget find.  Would love to see and hear more adventures from you.  

Talk with you later,

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