Mine shafts

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This is why we dont play around mine shafts kids.

Tom H.


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Hey Guys,

     Back about 15 years ago I was working for a large Food Distribution Warehouse.  There was a guy I worked with all the time that went out Jeep 4x4ing one evening when it was dark.  He stepped out of his Jeep and walked about 20 yards away to use the restroom and fell right into a mine shaft.  He dropped 300 foot and died.  He had several friends that were Jeeping with him, they couldn't find him cause it was so dark for about 10 minutes.  They finally realized after shinning a spot light around, they all drove right in between several old mine shafts that were not marked or fenced off.  My passed friends family fought with the Sheriff's Department for over a day, as the MCSO claimed the rescue was way too dangerous.  In the mine shaft, was also a small car that someone drove or pushed it in, so the rescue meant they had to go below the vehicle and rescue my passed friend.  It was on the news the next day about how to be careful out in the desert due to unmarked mine shafts.  This was out around Casa Grande area if I remember correctly.  

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