FS:- Minelab GPZ 7000 Complete Set

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Up for sale is Minelab GPZ 7000 All terrain gold metal detection in excellent condition, the detector was barely used and everything works perfectly, it come complete with shoulder harness, wireless speaker, ferrite tuning ring, charger, extra battery pack, headphones and original box.

Asking for $4800

Pm me if interested.


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5 hours ago, way2cool said:

Can any one of you make out the receipt that is in the box?


  Good point.  Didn’t look close enough before.  I can’t make out the receipt but the business card looks like it might say Rob’s Detector sales.  

  If it’s legit why won’t the seller respond.  I’d buy it if he would respond.

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

    I can't picture what customer it could be.  I have sold a bunch of GPZ's over the years and that is for sure one of my invoices and business cards.   Hopefully the buyer will come out and give some more information.  The price is very good, no doubt, almost too good.  If I can get some info from the seller, I will validate if the unit really came from me.  

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I have no idea if this is legit, that will shake itself out in time.

High end detectors are a niche market. We can't expect used prices to remain high forever. Everything depreciates. Right now I see a greater supply than demand. We'll just have to see where the curve and trends lead to equalibrium.

Rob, Bill and a few others keep their fingers on the price pulse and are good & trusted guides with fair market value. I don't get on the internet often enough to watch detector prices. Having a Z for sale myself we'll have to see where it all lands. 

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